CRCC Entrance Project

Beginning in late 2019, the CRCC Board of Directiors began working with a local Los Cabos architect on design options for a new community entrance.  Some preliminary ideas were presented at the annual CRCC AGM meeting in January 2020.  At the meeting, the residents authorized the Board of Directors to move forward with the design of a new entrance, with the community providing input as the design process unfolds.  It is in this area of the CRCC web site where you will find information on our Entrance Project.

The first step of the design process is determining the preferred style.  We are providing three style options to the Community so that we can gauge our residents' preference.  We ask that you visit the following pages and submit the form so we are aware of your style preference and can answer any questions you may have.  


We will be reviewing your comments and preferences until March 30th, when we will begin the site planning stage of the process.

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