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RADesign Co. is a client-focused, Berkeley-based design firm headed by Rich Depolo.  We work on a variety of project types:

  • Residential Renovations.  We transform existing spaces to better suit the wants and needs of our clients.  Our expertise is working within the constraints of an existing structure to design spaces that excite our clients.

  • Additions.  Sometimes a space is just a bit too small.  The Bay Area is full of "cute little bunglows", and our work often involves these wonderful homes.  We find that creatively integrating new space into an existing home can have a huge impact on the lives of our clients.  The additions that we've designed have included kitchens, family rooms, master suites, and even entire new floors. 

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).  We often read or hear about the severe shortage of housing in the Bay Area, the rise of multi-generational households, and the idea of aging-in-place.  Many Bay Area communities have loosened building restrictions to allow for the construction of secondary housing units.  ADUs range from basement apartments to additions to primary residences, to stand-alone structures in a back yard.

  • New Construction.  Our forte is residential design.  We're client-focused, which means designing spaces that exceed our clients' expectations.  The ultimate challenge for an architectural designer is to start with a blank canvas (or a buildable lot) and then tailor the design of a home to the specific wants and needs of a homeowner, as well as, the advantages and limitations of their building site.

  • Commercial Improvements.  While most of our projects are residential, we've also worked on a number of commercial projects.  Rich worked on the design of Oakland's Homestead Restaurant.  Since then, he's designed some structures at Oakland's Temescal Alley, redesigned two Bay Area hair salons, and consulted with a variety of business owners on tenant improvements.

  • Project Management.  Rich is familiar with construction practices and has a network of associates that allow him to effectively work with homeowners to get their projects completed on time and on budget.  A construction project can be a big challenge, and an even bigger investment.  We can work with our clients during construction to ensure that things go smoothly and that their project is built to their specifications.

Regardless of what your project is, we're always up for a challenge and would love to hear from you. 



Rich Depolo started his career in residential construction back in 2003 by designing and installing kitchens and bathrooms throughout the Bay Area.  In 2010, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.  In 2011, he went to work for Larson Shores Architecture and Interiors, and now runs his own firm, RADesign Co.

Rich works independently, but it takes a village to build a project.  He has developed a network of builders, engineers, and tradespeople that allow him to assist homeowners in getting their projects not just designed, but also built.

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