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Hey Rich-


Just thought I'd let you know how much I'm loving the new place! They say that time is the true test of good design, and I may be a little ahead of schedule, but now that it's fully furnished and I'm mostly settled in (closet pending), I love living there. The natural light, the feel, the compact but functional all works so well!  Should be tenant shopping by 9/1 at the latest.


You should come by sometime and see the place fully furnished!  Thanks again.


-Matt, El Cerrito, CA

Albemarle Bachelor Pad

Our client, Matt, asked us to design an Accessory Dwelling Unit for his El Cerrito property.  He'd occupied the existing 4-bedroom home for years, but his children had grown and he didn't need so much space.  He loved his neighborhood and didn't want to move.

We designed a one-bedroom apartment in an unfinished basement space at the rear of the house.  By adding large windows and an expansive sliding glass door we brought abundant light into the space.  A sunken terrace off the living room brings the outdoors in and provides exterior entertaining space at the same level as the interior space.  A wide opening between the bedroom and living room makes the space feel even larger.


Contemporary finishes and the Jotul gas stove, which is also the apartment's source of heat, give it a designer feel. Since Matt likes to cook, we designed a spacious kitchen.  The dining table, at the center of the cooking area also serves as an additional prep space.  Tucked into the other corner, under a bank of windows, is Matt's home office space.  It offers big views of the terrace and garden, but its location is shaded from the afternoon sun.

We put a lot of functionality into a space that's only 650 square feet!

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